CV – Gary Tucker

Dr Gary Tucker
Campden BRI, United Kingdom

Gary joined the Campden Food & Drink Research Association in January 1989 (now Campden BRI). He worked in the Food Manufacturing Technologies Department until taking the role as Head of the Baking & Cereal Processing Department in September 2009. In November 2019 he became one of two Ambassadors on the Chipping Campden site, with a remit covering all aspects of processing. His current role is a Research Fellow offering technical support to the Technology, Science and Analysis groups in Campden BRI.

Areas of expertise include:
  • thermal processing of foods, both in-pack and continuous
  • preservation methods for foods
  • bakery products and baking processes
  • process validation methods for pasteurisation and sterilisation (awarded PhD from University of Birmingham related to this work)
  • food rheology (awarded MPhil from University College Swansea related to this subject)
Gary has organised several conferences in bakery technology and thermal processing and presented at global events and webinars. He has delivered many training courses at Campden BRI and at UK and overseas locations. He has written over 25 peer-reviewed papers, 50 trade press articles and 25 book chapters, as well as authored 4 books.